How Important Is It To Translate A Website

A recent survey concluded that up to 90% of users in Europe would like to receive information in their native language, but 53% were okay with using the English language. Even with the majority seem to be fine with the language, but they are unhappy that there is lack of information in their own language. According to the pole, 44% of respondents fell that even with the native language being available, all the facts mentioned were not accurate.

These facts differ between countries where countries such as Greece, Slovenia, Cyprus, up to 90% opted for the information to be available in their own language. These rates dropped in places like the United Kingdom, Italy and Ireland, where 85% of people were fine with the language of communication being English.

Website analytics also released a report which concluded that people do not stay for long on the webpage if the information they get is not clear. Many Europeans are quite comfortable with the English language, but an online shopper is four times more likely to buy something from a website which communicates in their own language. Another large proportion of respondents said that they use another language, but the site does not usually carry their native language into account and up to 82% of potential buyers would leave the page without buying.

In conclusion, you can attract a large number of foreign visitors by website translation, which ultimately increases the sales and profits for the company. Translation services will ensure that your products reach internationally and people understand what your brand is all about. Some benefits of having a website translation are:

Good marketing strategy

When a company plans to expand, the first step is to have a strong marketing strategy. If the website is available in the costumes, native language advertising is much easier. Keep in mind that a poorly translated webpage also do no gain traffic.

Consumer Access

When a website translation is available, it allows the consumers to browse and read about the products. A website written in native language creates a sense of sentimentality in the consumer fro the people who like to shop online int heir own language.

Consumer Reach

Picking the right language for your website is also very challenging. If you are planning to expand internationally, try to take into consideration the wealth and population of the country. Try to understand their native tongue, which will ensure that you have millions as your potential consumers.

It is advisable that you get a professional website translation services to help with SEO. As while marketing to a foreign audience, certain keyword visibility will help to top in search engine results. This makes the advertisement strategy better and enables you to draw all potential consumers.