7 Tips to implement for web design in order to increase conversions on your website

Customer’s attraction is the most important element to increase conversions on your website. There are many marketers out there that focus on social sharing and several other elements. We’re not saying that those elements are useless but website design is something that helps attract more customers as compared to the other elements.

Today, we’re going to share some important tips with you that will help you increase the sales on your website.

The Logo

The Logo of your website speaks about the professional services you’re offering. Your logo needs to relate that what your website is all about. If your logo isn’t compatible with your website’s services, you’ll lose many potential customers.

The menu

The menu of the website needs to be designed dynamically. The dynamic menus always attract more customers. All the sections of your website should be added to the menu so the visitor can easily visit other pages by clicking a link in the menu.

Color Selection

The color selection is one of the most important elements in the web design as it helps you design an attractive website. There are some designers that like using bright colors while there are others that prefer using light colors. Using the same type of color on all types of websites doesn’t make a difference at all.

You need to select the colors according to your website’s theme. For example, if you’re offering professional services, you should choose the light colors for the website and if you’re running a clothing website, then the colors should be bright.


The images convey a message faster than the text. You need to use the attractive images on your website to convey your message to the visitors. Always consider using the High-Quality images on the website.

Offers section

Don’t forget to mention an offers section on your website as customers usually get attracted to the offers. You can either display some offers in this section or you may also choose to display some other relevant products here.


The slider plays an important role in attracting your customers. The slider helps your customers take a look at your entire services just in one visit. You need to display all the primary products and services in the slider and the slider should be displayed on the top.

Contact Information

The contact information should be mentioned in several sections so the visitor can contact you anytime if he’s facing some problem. The social icons need to appear on the top of the web page so the customer can easily contact you on the social media. You can also choose to display a chat box on your web page that will help the customer get in touch with you directly.

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