Features of a Good Web Design

Web design refers to the creation and maintenance of a website. Therefore, a web designer refers to a person who has the skills to create and maintain a site. Some web designers are good at their job while others are excellent at it. Bad designers exist as well. To select a web design company that hires the best designers in your locality search for ‌atlanta web design company. Doing so leads to numerous advantages for your online business. For example, you will receive a greater volume of online traffic than most sites receive. You will have low bounce rates and high conversion rates. Unfortunately, determining the characteristics of good web design is difficult for many people. That is especially true if you have no training in web development. Therefore, learning about them is critical. Here are the features of a good web design.

  • Mobile Responsiveness

Did you know that the world had 2.1 billion smartphone users in 2016? Experts expect that this figure will rise to 2.87 billion users by 2020. It is worth noting that these users prefer accessing the internet through these devices. For example, did you know that 49.7% of the web page views worldwide in 2017 were through mobile devices? Moreover, the amount of data following through mobile devices is set for a seven fold increase between 2016 and 2021. Are you ready for these changes? One way of preparing for them is by creating mobile responsive websites. These websites change their layout automatically depending on the device the user is using to access your site. Doing so creates convenience for the user because he can view everything on your web page without moving from side to side.

  • Quick Loading Speeds

People cite slow internet speeds as one of the most annoying things anyone can experience in their life. Slow websites are just as annoying as slow internet speeds. Therefore, people will not tolerate your site for long if the loading speeds are too slow. The causes of low-loading speeds are numerous. For example, one of them is failing to optimize your images. That means uploading large image files on your website when you can resize them. Remember, resized images take a short time to load. Other causes of low-loading speeds include too much flash content on your site, excessive HTTP requests, and problematic codes. Having too many ads on your website slows it down as well. Issues with JavaScript may lead to slow loading speeds as well. Ultimately, the person who can prevent these issues is your web designer. The question is whether he has the skills to create a website that is free of these problems.

  • Navigation & Presentation

Websites may be responsive to the device you are using including smartphones, tablets, or laptops. Their loading speeds may be impressive as well. However, is it possible for you to navigate through them easily? Is their presentation acceptable to you? Is it wanting? Make sure that your site is navigable because online users shy away from sites that frustrate them. For instance, have an informative header and footer. Place a sitemap at the bottom of your webpage and a menu at the top of it. This menu should have a link to all relevant web pages on your site. Finally, make sure that the website is presentable by using the right font and color scheme. For example, do not go for a pink color theme if you are running a financial website.

What do we Mean by SEO?

SEO is a popular term in the digital marketing field. So, what do we mean by SEO? This is an abbreviation of search engine optimization. It is the art of improving your website to make rank higher on search engines.

This, in turn, increases traffic to your website. SEO involves the use of various techniques to achieve that high ranking in search engine search results. There are many firms out there that are entirely dedicated to doing SEO. It is the fact that we need to accept no all firms can deliver what they promise. There are very few firms like Edmonton SEO that is living to the customer’s expectations.

Website Layout and Design

SEO starts at the initial stages of website design. You need to have a URL that tells the search engine what your website is all about. Choose a good theme that matches the content of your website.

You also need to choose a good server to ensure your website is available at all times. SEO entails being organized right from the beginning. Have a good layout and design even before you start enforcing other SEO techniques.

Website Content

The content on your website is the main factor that determines how well your site will rank. You need to use the right keywords and use them well. Don’t overuse them to avoid making your website look like spam.

Content uniqueness is the main consideration you should note when you want to achieve higher ranking in search engines. Having copied content can make your website be banned from featuring in search results.

The value of the content to the readers is another element of useful content in SEO. Your website should have attractive content to make your audience be intrigued in reading it. Then how well is the content structured? A Nice structure will attract the attention of the search engines and also motivates your audience to read it.

Link Building

This can be categorized into internal and external. Internal link building entails making your website navigable. Such include making it easy to access the homepage from any page, having a site map, and other avoiding any broken links to any part of your website.

External link building entails linking up your website with other websites. This can involve partnering with websites related to your niche and have links to your website in their content. You can also insert links to your website in comments in various forums.

User Experience

User experience is another important element of search engine optimization. Any website that wants to link higher must ensure their audience has a great experience when they are accessing and using the website.

Factors that can define user experience include the loading time, navigation, and styles. You should strive to minimize loading time, make it easy to navigate around the website, and have neutral styles regarding color, font, and background.

So, what do we mean by SEO? It’s all about a set of procedures done to improve the ranking of a website in search engine. Unlike what many people believe, SEO is not only about the content in the website; it starts from the conception of the website.