Agile is the term for software development approaches designed to describe change and uncertainty by delivering iterations quickly and often. The goal is to provide working solutions that evolve based on consumer changes and requirements. An empowering process that helps build the right product. A management process that helps analyse and improve the product through its development, which can enable the company to produce a valuable product which can help the company stay relevant in the competition. There are a lot of software developed by various agile software development company to make this methodology more approachable.


Agile’s Creation

Agile was created by a small group of people who were tired of the traditional approach to managing software developments, designed as an agile manifesto to have an improved method for managing software projects process.


The four main important values of Agile

  • Focus on individual and interactions instead of tools.
  • Working software is important than documentation.
  • Customer collaboration is vital.
  • The process responds to change rather than just a plan.

Principles of agile

  • Costumer satisfaction
  • Accept change of requirements
  • Software that works in shorter timescale
  • Involvement of both the developers and business professionals
  • Inform other parties about any change
  • Create environment of trust
  • Working software is the measure of progress
  • Promote sustainable development
  • Excellence and quality is the goal
  • Simplicity
  • Self-organised team
  • Reflection through inspection and adaptation


The benefits of agile software includes:

Stakeholder engagement and satisfaction

The agile process creates opportunities for the meeting where the client is involved in the projects. This gives the team an idea about clients vision and clients the opportunity to develop a trusting relationship with the team.



This approach includes involving the clients throughout the entirety of the project from initial planning to building software.


Early and predictable delivery

Using the time-boxed method, predicting the delivery of new features to clients is high. This allows the team to beta teat or release the software sooner.


Predictable costs and schedule

The sprints are on fixed schedule due to which costs can be limited and predictable on the amount of work being done. So, the client can combine the estimated cost before the sprints and can estimate the cost of each feature, offering improved decision-making opportunities.

Flexible prioritisation

Scrum methodology provides more flexibility as it prioritises client-driven features by controlling and managing shippable units of work and making progress towards the final product.

Allows for change

Agile creates an opportunity to prioritise and refine product backlogs continually. These changes can be added to the next iteration new changes can be introduced in a few weeks.


Focuses on users

Agile makes sure that user needs are focused and deliver features with real value and not just an IT component. This provides the team with a better and valuable feedback through beta testing and also vital changes that can be implemented on future projects.

Off-Page SEO Techniques

It refers to everything you can do directly off your site to help you rank your website higher in the search results which are provided by search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This can include social networking which is basically promoting it on social media, marketing blogs, article submissions and what not. Here are some effective ways to higher your ranking and also increase your web traffic that is followed by some big brands like chicagoseo.company.

  1. Social networking is a booming market, something that is ever growing. Online reputation management which would be getting into social media sites which would be a fundamental step where you can begin advertising, marketing and building your online reputation. Sign up with incredibly popular sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ and many more.
  2. Blogging is one of THE best ways to promote your website on the internet. By writing a blog for your site, you give your visitors a reason to visit back and keep up to date with all posts. It indeed helps search engines crawl your site as frequently as they need to since they will need to update your latest blog entries which ultimately ranks your site high in the search results. You will have to produce original content for your blogs like, “How to” material, tutorials for DIYs, videos which go viral, and much more which indeed grab the attention for the mass populous that surf the web. Some that the general audience would be interested in.
  3. Marketing the blog is essential to do, so post comments on some other blogs with the same general topic as yours which allow you to add a link in comments. These links should lead back to your blog.
  4. Search engines will inevitably and eventually find your website but that could and would take a while, to speed the process up you must submit your site to the most popular and most used search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!

  1. Link baiting is another terrific way to promote your site. If and when you can produce a popular post for your website then other individuals may want to link it as well. You have probably copied another website’s content but don’t forget to place a reference to their site. Do it for other sites and if your content is decent, do let others do the same for you. This can increase link popularity.
  2. If you have utilized any of your own personal photos or images on your site, other people will be able to it and comment on them on sites likes Flickr, Picasa, etc. which are hopefully consisting of links to your site.
  3. Just like pictures, video marketing can be used to increase popularity on sites like YouTube where you might receive an immense amount of attention if your content is good, you can provide links in the description section there as well.

What do we Mean by SEO?

SEO is a popular term in the digital marketing field. So, what do we mean by SEO? This is an abbreviation of search engine optimization. It is the art of improving your website to make rank higher on search engines.

This, in turn, increases traffic to your website. SEO involves the use of various techniques to achieve that high ranking in search engine search results. There are many firms out there that are entirely dedicated to doing SEO. It is the fact that we need to accept no all firms can deliver what they promise. There are very few firms like Edmonton SEO that is living to the customer’s expectations.

Website Layout and Design

SEO starts at the initial stages of website design. You need to have a URL that tells the search engine what your website is all about. Choose a good theme that matches the content of your website.

You also need to choose a good server to ensure your website is available at all times. SEO entails being organized right from the beginning. Have a good layout and design even before you start enforcing other SEO techniques.

Website Content

The content on your website is the main factor that determines how well your site will rank. You need to use the right keywords and use them well. Don’t overuse them to avoid making your website look like spam.

Content uniqueness is the main consideration you should note when you want to achieve higher ranking in search engines. Having copied content can make your website be banned from featuring in search results.

The value of the content to the readers is another element of useful content in SEO. Your website should have attractive content to make your audience be intrigued in reading it. Then how well is the content structured? A Nice structure will attract the attention of the search engines and also motivates your audience to read it.

Link Building

This can be categorized into internal and external. Internal link building entails making your website navigable. Such include making it easy to access the homepage from any page, having a site map, and other avoiding any broken links to any part of your website.

External link building entails linking up your website with other websites. This can involve partnering with websites related to your niche and have links to your website in their content. You can also insert links to your website in comments in various forums.

User Experience

User experience is another important element of search engine optimization. Any website that wants to link higher must ensure their audience has a great experience when they are accessing and using the website.

Factors that can define user experience include the loading time, navigation, and styles. You should strive to minimize loading time, make it easy to navigate around the website, and have neutral styles regarding color, font, and background.

So, what do we mean by SEO? It’s all about a set of procedures done to improve the ranking of a website in search engine. Unlike what many people believe, SEO is not only about the content in the website; it starts from the conception of the website.